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    產品名稱:VBJG-3000 系列三偏心蝶閥

    VBJG 高性能硬密封蝶閥,采用了“斜置橢圓蝶板徑向動平衡密封系統”,實現了蝶板密封圈與閥座密封面之間在關閉之前無摩擦的運動,密封面上壓力角大于摩擦角,使蝶板開啟阻力極低,快速實現關閉自動吻合密封動作。具有結構先進、密封可靠、壽命長、成本低等優點。是兼備調節、切斷兩種功能的經濟實用自控閥。廣泛應用于控制大流量、中低壓差、要求泄漏嚴密的流體。

    本產品符合GB/T4213-2008 標準。

    1.              偏心尺寸的優化設計,保證啟閉過程中,蝶板密封圈與閥座密封面瞬間脫離,實現了蝶板密封圈與閥座密封面之間無磨擦、卡擠,操作力矩小。密封性能好,可以達到零泄漏。

    2.              閥座采用堆焊耐蝕合金,產品可靠性高,使用壽命長。

    3.              采用專有加工技術,零件精度高,密封環可以在用戶現場更換。

    4.              軸承采用特種非金屬材料,耐高溫性能好,自潤滑性強,摩擦力小。能有效防止灰塵和顆粒介質進入閥桿與閥體之間的間隙,避免閥門出現卡死現象。

    5.              整體式閥桿和材料采用高強度不銹鋼,閥門承受的允用壓差大。

    High Performance Hard-Sealed Butterfly Valve

    VBJG High performance hard sealed butterfly valve adopts “Inclined oval disc radial dynamic balance sealing system” to attain the frictionless action between the gasket of the disc and the sealing face of the seat before valve closing. The pressure angle is bigger than the friction angle on the sealing face for which the extra-low open resisting force and rapid closing automatic tally sealing action are available. The valve features with advanced construction, reliable seal, long life, low cost,etc. It is an economical practical automatic control valve providing both control and cut-off functions and uses to the fluid services with large flow, low pressure drop and low seat leakage.

    The product complies with GB/T4213-2008 standard.

    1.              The optimum design of eccentric size ensures that the disc’s seal ring can be disengaged from the seat ring sealing surface immediately during the opening and closing process, which leads to no friction, no jamming and small operating torque, and high sealing performance and zero leakage are available.

    2.              Corrosion resistant alloy replating is used for seat to make sure high reliability and long service life.

    3.              The special processing technology is used for high precision and field-replaceable for seal ring.

    4.              Special non-metallic materials are used to make sure high temperature performance, strong self-lubricating and low friction. The dust and granular media can be effectively prevented into the space between the stem and body to avoid jamming.

    5.              High-strength stainless steel is used for integral stem and other parts to ensure high allowable pressure differential.


    閥體形式 Type

    三偏心型 Three-dimensional Eccentric

    公稱通徑 Nominal size


    額定CV Rated CV value


    公稱壓力 Pressure rating


    流體溫度 Fluid Temperature


    連接方式 End connections

    法蘭式 FlangedRF、MFM

    對夾式 Wafer type

    閥體材質 Body Materials



    閥板材質 Trim Materials




    Seal ring Materials


    可調比 Rangeability


    流體特性 Flow characteristics

    近似等百分比 Approximate equal percentage


    ANSI Class VI

    執行機構 Actuator

    氣動式 DA(SR)、AW,電動式 EI

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